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Trends in Agriculture & Life Sciences. Vol. 50, 2015

Increasing Rooting Efficiency of Hardwood Cutting in Rose
장미속 식물 경지삽 발근 효율 증진 연구
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2015;50:1-4.
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Induction of Flower Mutants by Gamma Irradiation in Garden Rose
감마선 처리에 의한 정원장미 돌연변이 유기
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2015;50:5-8.
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Study on the Safety Management of Environmental Risk Assessment Field Trial of Genetically Modified Crops in Korea
국내 농업용 유전자변형 작물 위해성심사 시험포장의 안전관리에 관한 연구
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2015;50:9-14.
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Breeding of A New Rose Cultivar ‘Red Ball’ with Light Red Color Flower and Resistance to Powdery Mildew
흰가루병에 강한 적색 장미 ‘레드볼’ 육성
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2015;50:15-20.
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Breeding A New Rose Cultivar ‘White Jewelry’ with White Color Flower for Bouquet and High Productivity
수량이 많은 부케용 백색장미 ‘화이트쥬얼리’ 육성
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2015;50:21-26.
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The Occurrence and Distribution of Meloidogyne spp. of Cucurbits in Greenhouse, Honam Province
호남지역 시설재배지 박과작물에서 뿌리혹선충 발생분포
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2015;50:27-32.
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The Seasonal Occurrence and Selecting a Pesticide Against Major Insect Pests Occurring in Greenhouse-grown Hydrangea in Jeonnam Province
전남지역 시설재배 수국에 발생히는 주요해충의 발생소장과 방제약제 선발
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2015;50:33-38.
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The Physical Control of Bradysia agrestis by Using Sticky Trap and Substrate Cover in Greenhouse-grown Squash
시설재배 애호박에서 배지피복과 점착트랩을 이용한 작은뿌리파리의 물리적방제
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2015;50:39-44.
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Growth Characteristic and Difference of Irrigation According to Length of Subsurface Drip Pipes in Hydroponic Chrysanthemum
국화 양액재배에서 점적관의 길이에 따른 관수량 차이와 및 생육 특성
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2015;50:45-48.
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Quantity enhancement effect by native Rootstock Sort of Squash(Cucurbita maxima)
재래호박 대목을 이용한 단호박 접목묘의 수량 증대 효과
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2015;50:49-52.
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Growth Charateristic and Alumimum Contents by Nutrient Solution of Regulated pH in Cut Hydrangea ‘Adria’
절화수국 ‘아드리아의 양액 pH 조절에 따른 생육특성과 지상부 알루미늄 함량
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2015;50:53-55.
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