재래호박 대목을 이용한 단호박 접목묘의 수량 증대 효과

장미향1, 황보인식2, 서종분1, 이야성1, 마경철1, 김병삼1, 윤봉기1
Mihyang Jang1, Insik Hwangbo2, Jong Bun Seo1, YaSeong Lee1, Kyung Chul Ma1, Byeong-Sam Kim1, Bong-Ki Yoon1
Author Information & Copyright
1Jeonnam Agricultural Research & Extention Services
2Haenam Agricultural Thechnology Center

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Published Online: Aug 31, 2015


Results on growth, fruit set number and fruit weight, yield by rootstock sort of sweetpumpkin; Growth, fruit set number and weight of upper part of sweet pumpkin was than self-root seedlings and among grafted seedlings, Goksung collection variety were better than Shintozoa. Yield was higher grafted seedlings than self-root seedlings, 17% in semiforcing, 16% in nursery cultivation and 28% in retarding. Powdery mildew distinctive decreased grafted seedlings than self-root seedlings for growth duration