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Turnip crinkle virus-Arabidopsis interactions as a pathosystem model: recent advances
식물병원시스템인 Turnip crinkle virus와 애기장대 상호작용 최신 연구동향 리뷰
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2017;54:1-12.
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Silymarin Contents and Liver Protection Effects of Six Domestic Cultivated Thistles
국내 자생 엉겅퀴 6품종의 실리마린 함량 및 간 보호 효과
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2018;56:55-62.
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Biocontrol of Fusarium Wilt in Tomato Plants using Bacillus subtilis S37-2 and Pseudomonas sp. GHR1-1
Bacillus subtilis S37-2와 Pseudomonas sp. GHR1-1을 이용한 토마토 시들음병 방제 효과
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2018;56:9-14.
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Development of Practical Media and Fermentative Technique for Mass Cultivation from Agricultural and Livestock Microorganism
농축산용 유용미생물의 대량생산용 실용화 배지 및 발효기술 개발
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2018;56:23-33.
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Effect of Effective Microorganism Applications on Growth, Yield and Fruit Nutrient Contents in Fresh Tomato
유용미생물처리가 토마토 수량 및 과실 성분에 미치는 영향
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2018;56:15-21.
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Efficacy Test of New Attractant for the Yellow-legged Hornet, Vespa velutina (Hymenoptera: Vespidae)
신규 말벌 유인제의 등검은말벌(Vespa velutina) 포획 효능 검정
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2018;56:35-45.
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Characterization of Nutrient Uptake Property of Ramie Leaf and Development of Powder Production Process
모시잎의 양분흡수 특성 분석과 가루의 제조공정 개발
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2018;56:1-7.
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The Physical Control of Bradysia agrestis by Using Sticky Trap and Substrate Cover in Greenhouse-grown Squash
시설재배 애호박에서 배지피복과 점착트랩을 이용한 작은뿌리파리의 물리적방제
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2015;50:39-44.
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Activation Plan of Bangjang Mt. National Recreational Forest based on Importance-Performance Analysis
IPA를 적용한 방장산 자연휴양림의 활성화 방안
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2017;55:15-22.
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Effect of Heating, UV and Ultrasonic Treatment on Antioxidant Activities in Leaves, Flowers and Immature Fruit of Pomegranate
석류 엽, 꽃과 유과조직의 Heating, UV 및 Ultrasonic 처리가 항산화력에 미치는 영향
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2017;54:13-21.
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Heat Resistance of Alicyclobacillus isolated from Fruit Juices
과일 주스에서 분리 Alicyclobacillus의 열 저항성
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2017;55:23-27.
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Isolation and Optimal Culture Conditions of Bacillus safensis JIF 17718 Enzymatically Activated Strains Isolated from Jeotgal
젓갈로부터 Bacillus safensis JIF 17718 효소활성 균주의 분리 및 최적 배양 조건 확립
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2017;55:1-7.
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Bioethanol Production from Spent Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) Mushroom Medium by Oxalic Acid Pretreatment
표고버섯(Lentinula edodes) 폐배지의 옥살산 전처리에 의한 바이오에탄올 생산
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2018;56:47-54.
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Comparison of carcass defects incidence from marketing province, sexes, breed in Hanwoo and beef cattle in Korea
한우 및 비육우의 출하지역별, 성별, 및 축종별 결함육 발생 현황 비교
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2017;54:35-41.
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The Effects of Epigallocatechin-3-gallate on Adipocyte Glucose Transport and Differentiation, and Aberrant Lipid Metabolism-related Genes Expression
Epigallocatechin -3-gallate 가 지방세포 분화와 포도당 수송 및 지질대사 유전자에 미치는 영향
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2015;51:25-32.
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Gold Nanoparticle Detection with Laser-Induced Photoacoustic Signal in Arabidopsis
애기장대 잎에서 광음향법을 이용한 금 나노입자 추적
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2017;54:29-33.
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Efficient F₁ variety development using CGMS system in onion (Allium cepa L.)
웅성불임성을 이용한 효율적인 F₁ 양파 품종 개발
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2016;53:81-86.
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Effect of Water Limit within Rhizosphere on the Leaf Temperature Changes of Tomato Plants
근권 수분제한이 토마토 엽온 변화에 미치는 영향
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2015;51:7-10.
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Effects of Italian Ryegrass Silage Feeding on the Reproductive Characteristics of Hanwoo Cows
이탈리안 라이그라스 사일리지 급여가 한우 경산우의 번식 성적에 미치는 영향
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2016;53:23-28.
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Effects of Fertilizer Application Levels on the Soil Chemical Property, Growth and Yield of Organically Turmeric Cultivation in Upland and Paddy Soil
강황 유기재배에서 시비수준이 생육 및 수량과 토양화학성에 미치는 영향
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2016;53:11-22.
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