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Methane Production and Bacterial Diversity in the Agricultural Area
농업환경에서 메탄 발생 경로와 메타노젠의 다양성
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2022;60:1-6.
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Adsorption of Water Pollution by Biochar Produced from Biomass
바이오매스로부터 생산한 바이오차에 의한 수질오염물질 흡착
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2022;60:39-49.
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Plant Light Signaling Mediated by Phytochrome Photoreceptors
파이토크롬 광수용체에 의한 식물의 광신호전달
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2020;58:1-10.
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Regulation of Temperature Stress Responses in Plants through Circadian Clock Genes
생체시계 유전자에 의한 식물의 온도 스트레스 반응 조절
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2023;61:1-11.
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The Role of Small Heterodimer Partner-Interacting Leucine Zipper (SMILE) as a Transcriptional Corepressor in Hepatic Glucose and Lipid Metabolism
전사억제인자 Small Heterodimer Partner-Interacting Leucine Zipper(SMILE)의 당대사와 지질대사 조절
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2022;60:7-16.
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Chemical and Structural Properties of Dry and Wet Torrefied Biomass
건식과 습식 반탄화 바이오매스의 화학적·구조적 특성
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2022;60:17-25.
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Strategies in Using Elicitors for the Production of Bioactive Secondary Metabolites in Plant Cell Cultures
식물 세포배양에서 생리활성 2차 대사산물 생산을 위한 활성유도제 사용에 관한 전략
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2023;61:13-22.
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Crack Control in Reinforced Concrete Structures Based on Serviceability Limit States
콘크리트 구조물의 사용한계상태 기반 균열제어
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2019;57:52-62.
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Development of Practical Media and Fermentative Technique for Mass Cultivation from Agricultural and Livestock Microorganism
농축산용 유용미생물의 대량생산용 실용화 배지 및 발효기술 개발
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2018;56:23-33.
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Nanotechnology for Smart Food Packaging System
스마트포장을 위한 나노기술의 연구동향과 전망
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2019;57:14-24.
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Alleviating Gut Inflammation with Latilactobacillus curvatus Isolated from Kimchi
김치에서 분리된 Latilactobacillus curvatus 장염증 완화 작용
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2021;59:29-36.
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Selection Strategies for Functional Broccoli Breeding Lines Based on Glucosinolate Profile and Content
Glucosinolate를 활용한 기능성 브로콜리 육성계통 선발 전략
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2023;61:23-29.
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Current Status of Herbicide-Tolerant Protein Research and Strategy for Development of Herbicide-Tolerant Tomato Using CRISPR-Cas9 System
제초제 저항성 단백질 연구 현황과 CRISPR-Cas9 시스템을 활용한 제초제 저항성 토마토 개발 전략
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2019;57:1-8.
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Development of Lab Curriculum for Teaching Role of Surfactant on Waxy Leaf Surface and Contact Angle Measurement Using Smartphone Application and Its Educational Efficacy Analysis
스마트폰 애플리케이션을 활용한 왁스질의 식물잎표면에서의 계면활성제의 역할과 접촉각 측정을 교육하는 실험 교안 개발과 교육효과 분석
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2019;57:33-45.
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Activation Plan of Bangjang Mt. National Recreational Forest based on Importance-Performance Analysis
IPA를 적용한 방장산 자연휴양림의 활성화 방안
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2017;55:15-22.
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Turnip crinkle virus-Arabidopsis interactions as a pathosystem model: recent advances
식물병원시스템인 Turnip crinkle virus와 애기장대 상호작용 최신 연구동향 리뷰
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2017;54:1-12.
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Effect of Thinning Intensity on Litterfall of Chamaecyparis obtusa Stand
간벌강도가 편백림의 낙엽낙지량에 미치는 영향
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2020;58:11-18.
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Silymarin Contents and Liver Protection Effects of Six Domestic Cultivated Thistles
국내 자생 엉겅퀴 6품종의 실리마린 함량 및 간 보호 효과
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2018;56:55-62.
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Major Host Plant and Life Cycle of Pest in Arboretum of Chonnam National University
전남대학교 수목원에 발생하는 주요 해충의 기주 및 생활환
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2020;58:29-36.
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Recent Strategies for 2,3-Butanediol Production Using Metabolically Engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae
대사공학적으로 설계된 재조합 효모를 이용한 2,3-부탄다이올의 최신 생산 전략
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2019;57:25-32.
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