수량이 많은 부케용 백색장미 ‘화이트쥬얼리’ 육성

기광연1, 조경철1, 이재신1, 황인택1, 윤봉기1, 한태호2
Gwang-Yeon Gi1, Kyung Chul Cho1, Jae Sin Lee1, In Taek Hwang1, Bong Ki Yun1, Tae-Ho Han2
Author Information & Copyright
2전남대학교 식물생명공학부
1Horticultural Research Division, Jeollanamdo Agricultural Research and Extention Services
2Department of Plant Biotechnology, Chonnam National University

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Published Online: Aug 31, 2015


A new standard rose cultivar ‘White Jwelry’ was bred from the cross between purple standard cultivar ‘Saphir’ and purple standard cultivar ‘Noblesse’ at the Jeollanamdo Agricultural Research and Extention Services (JARES). The cross was made in 2007 and seedlings were produced. After the evaluation of specific characters from 2009 to 2011, it was finally selected and named as “'White Jwelry” that has standard flower type with white color (RHS Color Chart White Group 155C). The major characteristics of this cultivar were as follows: this cultivar produced 143.6 stems/㎡/year, and it showed 66.4cm in length of cut flower, 10.4 cm in flower diameter, 45.6 in petal number, and 10.3 days in vase life. This cultivar can be propagated by both cutting and grafting. Tthe consumer’s preference of this cultivar is relatively higher than that of control cultivar, ‘Rose Yumi’.