국화 양액재배에서 점적관의 길이에 따른 관수량 차이와 및 생육 특성

이재신1,*, 안준섭2, 기광연1, 황인택1, 윤봉기1
Jae-Sin Lee11,*, Joon-Seob Ahn2, Gwang-Yeon Gi1, In-Tack Hwang1, Bong-Ki Yoon1
Author Information & Copyright
1전라남도농업기술원 원예연구소
1Horticulture Research Institute. Jollanam-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services
2Gang-Jin Agricultural Technology and Extension Center
*Corresponding Author :

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Published Online: Aug 31, 2015


This study was search of growth characteristic and irrigation mass of water by length of subsurface drip pipe in chrysanthemum(Dendranthema grandiflorum) of cultivated by circular hydroponic. Experimental design was three treatment of the drip pipe length(25m, 45m, 90m) and pressure of main pipe was controled 1.5kg/cm2 in the hydroponic bed. Irrigated water variation of front and rear hole of the subsurface drip pipe investigated 4.9ml at treatment 25m, 9.6ml at 45m, 19.8ml at 90m. Irrigation variation was increased by length of drip pipe. Hight variation of front and rear in chrysanthemum did not have significance treatment of 25m and 45m, but investigated 19cm at treatment 90m. Flesh weight variation surveyed 11.5g/stem at treatment 45m and 16.5/stem at 90m. Variation of growth mass was also increased by length of drip pipe.