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Trends in Agriculture & Life Sciences. Vol. 58, 2020

Plant Light Signaling Mediated by Phytochrome Photoreceptors
파이토크롬 광수용체에 의한 식물의 광신호전달
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2020;58:1-10.
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Effect of Thinning Intensity on Litterfall of Chamaecyparis obtusa Stand
간벌강도가 편백림의 낙엽낙지량에 미치는 영향
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2020;58:11-18.
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Development of Flower Bud Differentiation in Hydrangea and Adjusting Flowering Time by Environmental Regulation
수국의 꽃눈분화 발달과 환경 조절에 따른 개화시기 조절
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2020;58:19-28.
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Major Host Plant and Life Cycle of Pest in Arboretum of Chonnam National University
전남대학교 수목원에 발생하는 주요 해충의 기주 및 생활환
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2020;58:29-36.
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