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Trends in Agriculture & Life Sciences. Vol. 48, 2014

Analysis of Occurrence Pattern of the Pear Psylla, Cacopsylla pyricola, in the Pear Exporting Complex
나주 배 수출단지의 꼬마배나무이(Cacopsylla pyricola) 발생양상 분석
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2014;48:1-8.
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Effect of Medium Compositions on the Mycelial Growth of Venturia nashicola causing Pear Scab
배 검은별무늬병균(Venturia nashicola)의 균사 생장에 대한 배지 조성의 영향
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2014;48:9-18.
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Effect of endosperm mutation, silk condition and moisture content on Fusarium verticillioides infection in sweet corn
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2014;48:19-24.
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Genetic variation of sweet corn inbreds on seedling emergence by Fusarium moniliforme infection
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2014;48:25-34.
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Effect of Chitosan and Sodium Tripolyphosphate on Gelling Properties of Pork Myofibrillar Protein
키토산과 인산염의 첨가가 돈육 근원섬유단백질의 겔 특성에 미치는 영향
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2014;48:35-42.
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Prediction of Ion-concentrations in Discharged Nutrient Solution for Cucumber Using a Neural Network
신경회로망을 이용한 오이 배양액의 배액내 이온농도 예측
Trends Agric. Life Sci. 2014;48:43-51.
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