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심영지1, 박효진1, 김효정1, 조은인1, 양원모1,*
Young Ji Sim1, Hyo Jin Park1, Hyo Jung Kim1, Eun In Jo1, Won Mo Yang1,*
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1순천대학교 원예학과
1Dept. of Horticulture, Sunchon Nat'l Univ., Sunchon Chonnam 540-950, Korea
*Corresponding Author :

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Published Online: Nov 30, 2015


A yield and quality of tomato plants depends on the balance of growth and development. It is need the indicators for automatic image monitoring of tomato growth. This research was conducted to investigate a effective indicators for monitoring of tomato growth. The temperature are controlled 16℃ and 18℃, the drain quantity of nutrient solution 9700ml(week/8nozzle) and 14000ml(week/8nozzle). The leaf width and length at 18℃ are bigger than at 16℃. The brightness L and redness are low at 18℃than at 16℃, but yellowness b was high at 18℃. The difference of growth are bigger at 18℃ than 16℃. The color difference of leaflet E, L, a are higher in 2-3 cluster than 1, 4, 5 cluster, but color b is higher in nearest leaflet to stem apex. At the drain quantity of nutrient solution, 9700ml(week/8nozzle), a leaf width and length are small than at 14000ml(week/8nozzle), but is high the angle of leaflet. The leaf color did not differ significantly by the drain quantity of nutrient solution. The stem diameter was more affected by temperature, but the stem length was affected by the temperature and the quantity of nutrient solution supply. A fruit width and length were more affected by low temperature(16℃) than high temperature(18℃), and 9700ml(week/8nozzle) than 14000ml(week/8nozzle). The number of fruit were highest at 16℃ and 14000ml(week/8nozzle). In addition to leaf width, length, stem diameter and stem length, the angle and the color of leaflet are useful for indicators for automatic image monitoring of tomato growth, especially at the leaflet of 2-4 cluster below stem apex.